Technical specifications

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How does the retractable insect screen work?

The roller track system recoils back into the vertical bars when being pushed closed. This patented technology allows for wide spans and a modular design.
The system has a caterpillar like track that will only be present, when the screen is closed, thus keeping the screen mesh in place. When openening, it retracts and disappers into the handles, leaving only a very small track at the bottom. This is child friendly as well as wheel chair friendly, eliminating the tripping hazard of other recoiling screens.
The screen mesh we use is s 100% recyclable PP polypropylene mesh.


We use high quality components, such as coated aluminum and PVC.

A) Small End Cap
B) Roller Catch
C) Top Track
D) Large End Cap
E) Roller Catch Holder
F) Pull Bar Magnet
G) Rollers
H) Magnet Wall Catch
I) Pull Bar
J) Screen
K) Hold Back Clips
L) Bottom Track