Technical specifications

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Gear, Handle and Universal

The gear drive unit consists of hardened steel gears, permanently lubricated and fully enclosed in a sealed casing. The universal and detachable crank handle assemblies are constructed of stainless steel and chrome-plated brass with internal nylon bearings and nylon handle grips.

Motor and switch

The motors, manufactured by Somfy Systems Inc., are asynchronous, single phase, 120 volt, with solenoid activated braking, and thermal overload protection. They are tubular in design and fit within the reel (roller tube). All bearings and gears of the system are enclosed and permanently lubricated. Standard switch: toggle switch, momentary, in the color cream (double pole, double throw) unless otherwise specified (other types and colors are available). All electrical components are U.L. listed. Proper grounding of motor is required at voltage source.


Upper Housings

The upper housing is a pre-assembled, modular system. It is 4 sided (90°) or 5 sided (45°) in design and is enclosed (with the exception of the slat aperture) in a roll formed aluminum skin. Its finish consists of baked on polymer based enamel in colors matching the tracks. The front and lower portion of the housing is a detachable access panel. They are two piece coverings. The back covering is pop-riveted to the housing and fastened to the studs above the protected area. The front covering is attached to the housing with sheet metal screws and employs a track on the bottom to attach the storm bars, if stormbars are needed.

End Caps

The housing is supported at each end by die cast aluminum reel supports, which include stamped aluminum alignment plated and injection-molded nylon slat guides.

Tracks / Rails

Side Tracks

Side tracks are extruded aluminum 6063-T5 with a baked enamel finish. The tracks undergo a five-step pretreatment process prior to the electrostatic application of a high solid polyester based enamel. The finish is applied in accordance with AAMA Standard 603.8. All side tracks are lined internally with tightly woven polypropylene runners.

Split Tracks / Stormbars

Split Tracks are extruded aluminum 6063-T6. They are lined with polypropylene runners on the surface which contacts the slats. Spring loaded attaching mechanism and flush mount receptors are standard equipment.

The stormbars are constructed of thick extruded aluminum channels with an aluminum key at the bottom and spring loaded aluminum key at the top. The stormbars utilize two rows of 0.15" high by 0.27" backed poly pile weather-strip.

Differently shaped stormbars besides the I-Beam are available.


The following standard Slat types are available: (please call for special slats)



Installation must be performed in accordance with local code requirements. All exposed assembly and attaching hardware is 18-8 non-magnetic stainless steel.

Color Selections

Upper Housings, Tracks and Slats come in white, cream, light beige, brown, gray and black.