Measurement instructions

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With the following instructions, we want to show you how to get rough opening and finished size measurements.
We also show how to determine the operation type (strap, gear or motor).

1. Check the method of installation

A. Surface Mount

Adjacent to the opening, this is outside above or beyond the window or door.


B. Trapped Opening

Between the opening as in the case of an enclosure


2. Width Measurements:

Measure the opening to be covered with the shutter.
Please add the measurements for the appropriate rail when the shutter is surface mounted, e.g.

Slat Slat Type Add for rail width 
RC-37 Foam Filled - 37mm 2 1/8" x 2 = 4 1/4" 
RC-40 / RC-42 Foam Filled - 40mm/42mm 2 5/8" x 2 = 5 1/4" 
RCE-40 Extruded Aluminum 40mm 2 5/8" x 2 = 5 1/4" 
RC-55 Foam Filled - 55mm 3" x 2 = 6" 
Barracuda, Magnum Extruded Aluminum (42mm / 57mm) 3" x 2 = 6"
wider spans: 3.125'' x 2 = 6.25''


3. Height Measurements

A: If you are mounting adjacent to the opening (shutter box above the opening), take the measurement of your opening and add 2" for the bottom hang down (end slat) plus the shutter box size. The shutter box size is determined by the profile and total height of the shutter.
B: If you want to mount the shutter directly within an opening, simply measure the total opening height the shutter will fit into.

4. Choose the exit position for the different operation types

Gear : Exit positions I, II and III possible, I is most common 
Strap (Recoil Box) and Crank box with cord: I, II and III possible, I is most common 
Motor: The motor exit is determined by the installer and depends on the switch location 
If you would like a different option, please use sketch IV to draw your own version
Always determine the side of operation as looking from inside of the house or opening.
Note: Most shutters will be shipped in 3 separate cartons:

  • Shutter box assembled
  • Guiderails, stormbars and Packout
  • Curtain

Alutech United - Roll Shutter - Measuring Instructions