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Alu Star - RC 42

  • RC 42 Aluminum Foam Filled Slat - 42mm tall
  • Perfect Balance between: Roll Diameter and Opening Width
  • Weight: 0.80 lbs / sqft - easy manual operation
The RC 42 Foam Filled slat is the most commonly used shutter slat in today’s market. It is a versatile slat that conveniently rolls small and with its polyurethane foam core insulates and reduces unwanted outside noise levels.

The RC 42 is used where you need to protect medium sized openings from unwanted intruders, noises, heat gain, heat loss or light.
Covering Surface
1-21/32'' (42mm)
Slat Height
Nominal Thickness
3/8'' (9.3mm)
Weight per Square ft
.56 lbs
Slats per Square ft
Max Width
118'' wide
Max Height
308'' height
Minimum Roll Diameter
40mm axle
Housing size chart
5.5" BOX
max. Finished Height
6.5" BOX
max. Finished Height
7" BOX
max. Finished Height
8" BOX
max. Finished Height
9" BOX
max. Finished Height
Are your Shutters and Screens approved for Florida Building Code?
Yes. Several of our models fall under the “hurricane shutters” category under Florida building code. For more information check See our solution page for Hurricane Protection.
Roll Shutter, Accordion Shutters, Hurricane Shutters, Storm Panels, Hurricane Screens: what is the difference?
While these shutters differ in style or design, each of these works to protect your home from torrential rains and hurricane force winds. In addition, each of these products is tested to comply with numerous building codes (e.g. FBC and IBC).
Do I need hurricane shutters?
Hurricane shutters provide the highest level of protection against the elements. Whether you use roll shutters or accordion shutters they do much more than just protect you from hurricane force winds. See our Applications page for for more benefits.
What colors can I choose from? (Roll Shutters)
Depending on the product standard colors are white, cream, beige, gray, ivory,  bronze, silver and brown. Many non standard colors and custom color options are available upon request.
How many shutters or screens can I operate with one switch?
Special switches can operate up to two shutters. Somfy’s RTS or IGC technology could, virtually, operate an unlimited number of shutters with only a single switch! The technology could also be modified to control individual or groups of motors from multiple locations. Lastly, we can incorporate the technology into most home automation and z-wave systems.
When should I use a Motor with Gear Override?
If power is lost, a motorized shutter or screen with gear override can be manually opened and retracted. 
This is a good option for areas prone to frequent power outages. Motorized shutters with a gear override option are recommended and sometimes required for any opening that may be used as an emergency exit.
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How can I or my company become dealer?

If you are already in the home improvement industry, you might be a potential candidate.
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