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General Info

Alutech's Studio Star is a unique shutter that will protect virtually any shaped opening! Ideal for all triangular, arched and unusual shaped windows. All Alutech's shutters are designed to protect buildings from the worst of storms, the most determined burglar, the brightest sunlight and the most variable thermal conditions imaginable.


  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum RCE-40 slat profile
  • Electrical Motor operators with special clutch and break attachments
  • All curved guide rails are CNC machine bent to ensure perfect fit and no cut and weld marks
  • Die cast aluminum end caps with special entry guides
  • Attractive 45 degree, 2-piece shutter housings
  • Powder coated paint finishes on all exterior components
  • 3 Standard colors. White, Light Beige, Cream. Custom colors available
  • Optional removable spring-loaded storm bars
  • Engineered pulley system for guidance of lift cable


  • Cover any shaped opening, triangular, arched, and trapezoidal.
  • Storm and Hurricane protection.
  • Protects all openings from driving wind and rain damage
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Protect your non-rectangular windows with rolling shutters
  • Increased insulation factors
  • Increased property values
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Sun Protection and shading

Technical specifications

Available colors
Cream / Ivory
Light Beige
Custom Color
Slat Options
RCE-40 | Magnum
Covering Surface
1-9/16" (40 mm) | 2-1/4" (57 mm)
Slat Height
40 mm | 57 mm
Nominal Thickness
7/16" | 9/32"
Weight Per Sqft
1.64 Lbs | 1.30 Lbs
Slats Per Ft. (Height)
7.62 | 5.38
Max Width
165" | 216"
Max Height
110" | 228"
Min Axle Diameter
40 mm | 70 mm
6.5" BOX
max. Finished Height
7" BOX
max. Finished Height
8" BOX
max. Finished Height
9" BOX
max. Finished Height
10" BOX
max. Finished Height



Are your Shutters and Screens approved for Florida Building Code?

Yes, we have several models that are considered Hurricane Shutters under Florida Building Codes. For more information check the Technical Info Section on Florida Building Code Hurricane Shutter Installation Drawings.

Roll Shutter, Accordion Shutters, Hurricane Shutters, Storm Panels, what is the difference?

There are many solutions to protect your windows and doors on your home from storms, hurricane force winds, wind driven rain, etc. The term "Hurricane Shutters" usually applies to Roll Shutters or Accordion Shutters that can withstand hurricane force winds and are rated to such conditions, i.e. they are tested and comply with various building codes, e.g.: IBC - International Building Code

Do I need hurricane shutters?

Whether you use roll shutters or accordion shutters they do much more than just protect you from hurricane force winds. See our solution page for for more benefits.
Depending where you are located, you might need shutters that are rated for different wind speeds: See our wind load map what your area is rated.

What colors can I choose from?

Depending on the product standard colors are white, cream, beige, gray, ivory,  bronze, silver and brown. Many non standard colors and custom color options are available upon request.

How many shutters or screens can I operate with one switch?

Special switches will operate up to 2 shutters. Somfy's RTS or IGC Technology can be installed to operate virtually an unlimited number of shutters with only one switch. Somfy Systems can also be adapted to control one or more motors in groups and/or individually from one or more locations. In addition, we can interface with most home automation and z-wave systems.

When should I use a Motor with Gear Override?

Motorized shutters with a gear override option are recommended and required for any opening that may be used as an emergency exit. If power is lost, a motorized shutter with gear override can be manually opened for exiting the building. Some areas are also prone to frequent power outages. If this is the case, we would recommend manual shutters when possible and motorized shutters with gear override.

Do you have dealer near me?

We probably do! Just send us your contact information (with your Zip code!) We will get you in touch and/or send you free information material. Contact us for more information.

How can I or my company become dealer?

If you already are in the home improvement business, you are probably a good candidate. Call us or send us your contact information (with your Zip code!) Contact us for information on becoming a Hurricane Shutter Installer.