Motorized Garage Door Screen

for single or double car garages

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Any type of garage opening can benefit from Zip Tex rolling screens from residential, commercial, and even restaurants and bars. Zip Tex can offer solar, wind, privacy and insect control in an instants notice.

  • Turns any Garage area into a usable room and regain your MAN CAVE.
  • Provides shading from the sun's harmful UV rays and reduces television screen and computer monitor glare.
  • Keep out wind, and debris that comes with it. 
  • Enhances privacy but does not obstruct views.
  • Keeps out pesky insects and other unwanted pests. 

Technical specifications

  • 4" Box Standard
  • Zipper Locks into Rail
  • Heavy Bottom Hembar
Available colors
Light Beige
4" BOX
max. Finished Height