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Clear Vinyl Key Features:

  • Almost 100% clear
  • Clear Window: 20mill thick PVC
  • Max Window is 51” wide
  • Can do multiple windows
  • 5” space must be kept between windows
  • No curved tops

Technical specifications


Clear View

  • No less than 6” of minimum wide boarders surrounding clear vinyl inserts.
  • Boarders will always consist of 4 individual panels – Not a full single piece cover with a window cut out.
  • Borders constructed in either Weblon (white, black preferred) or Solid color Sunbrella fabric
  • Clear vinyl inserts have a welded bond at 52” (roll width of 54” before trimming and welding)
  • Multiple clear vinyl inserts can be included in a single unit…maintaining a minimum of 5” solid panel between each insert
  • You may order with a taller kick panel (bottom border)
  • The clear vinyl insert carries a  3 YEAR Warranty
  • Clear vinyl insert must maintain flat linear sides - no curved tops
  • High wind forces may stretch the clear vinyl windows and are not covered under the standard warranty
  • Weblon and clear vinyl are BOTH Fire Resistant
Available colors
Light Beige
Custom Color
5" BOX
max. Finished Height
5.5" BOX
max. Finished Height
6.5" BOX
max. Finished Height



What colors can I choose from?

Depending on the product standard colors are white, cream, beige, gray, ivory,  bronze, silver and brown. Many non standard colors and custom color options are available upon request.

How many shutters or screens can I operate with one switch?

Special switches will operate up to 2 shutters. Somfy's RTS or IGC Technology can be installed to operate virtually an unlimited number of shutters with only one switch. Somfy Systems can also be adapted to control one or more motors in groups and/or individually from one or more locations. In addition, we can interface with most home automation and z-wave systems.

When should I use a Motor with Gear Override?

Motorized shutters with a gear override option are recommended and required for any opening that may be used as an emergency exit. If power is lost, a motorized shutter with gear override can be manually opened for exiting the building. Some areas are also prone to frequent power outages. If this is the case, we would recommend manual shutters when possible and motorized shutters with gear override.

Do you have dealer near me?

We probably do! Just send us your contact information (with your Zip code!) We will get you in touch and/or send you free information material. Contact us for more information.

How can I or my company become dealer?

If you already are in the home improvement business, you are probably a good candidate. Call us or send us your contact information (with your Zip code!) Contact us for information on becoming a Hurricane Shutter Installer.