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The most complete line of products for your business

As an industry leading manufacturer, we have strategically developed a full line of products to provide to our customers. We offer all types of hurricane and security protection products in the form of clear and aluminum panels, Accordion shutters, roll down shutters and even hurricane abatement screens. We also offer roll down insect screens, solar screens and even retractable awnings. It is important to note, that most of our products are proprietary and will allow you an edge against your competition. When you select Alutech United as a partner, you will be guaranteed uncompromising quality products, dependable service all at a competitive price. Learn more to find out why Alutech United is the only choice when it comes to searching for a supplier.

Why are Alutech's products any different?

Quality Products

It begins with the materials. For decades, shutters have commonly been used throughout Europe. As a spin-off from a family owned business that began in Germany, we have many years of experience with the engineering and technology that has already been proven and we continue to use European resources for their reliable and consistent quality. We can be certain, with each shutter we ship, our dealers will have the continued confidence that their customers will own products that are capable of being utilized for many years to come. Another hidden benefit is Alutech has chosen to purchase most of our aluminum straight from the mill in order to get the best pricing and to better control inventory. Next is quality control. Multiple systems are used throughout the production process from the very beginning of an order to a packaged status just before shipping to ensure that an order is produced properly and shipped on time. Many more procedures are currently in place to assure we maintain a solid inventory and to provide the most efficient production schedule.


Although we manufacture many of the traditional shutters you are probably accustomed to, we have taken multiple innovative steps to lessen their visual impact upon installation, as well as, providing creative solutions for openings that were once an architectural challenge. From our custom shaped shutters for arched or trapezoid shapes to our uniquely engineered mini end retention shutter that provides one of the smallest housing requirements available. We are proud to offer these versatile innovations to our customers while continuing to provide the most aesthetically appealing shutters in the world. Generally speaking, we can offer housings sizes on roll down shutters in a much smaller housing than our competition. Perfect for out swinging doors or casement windows without a lot of space.

Service/ Experience

For decades, Alutech United has helped our dealers protect thousands of homeowners with existing homes, vacation homes or even their new dream homes. We have consistently made wise financial decisions and we continue to offer our products at a fair and competitive price. We remain sound as a company and by having a northern and southern location; we will be here to conveniently support our dealers in the future. We also have a complete staff of knowledgeable and experienced representatives at each location that can assist you from the basics of shutter quotes or installations to the more complex questions involving using shutters with home automation systems or using a remote IP interface. Versatility Not only do our shutters protect against storms or other weather events, when used on a daily basis, they can provide a positive change to your customers everyday quality of life. From providing a shading solution with the afternoon sun to providing a thermal barrier during extreme summer or winter temperatures, rest assured there will be a noticeable change in their utility consumption. Not to mention, protecting against the harsh ultraviolet rays that could damage expensive furniture or floors. Finally, lets not forget about security and privacy as another major benefit. When the shutters are closed, customers can enjoy complete privacy and a reduction in noise, in the event they live on a busy street or have a close neighbor. More importantly, a potential thief will certainly target another less difficult victim if their home has shutters.

Competitive Price

By purchasing shutters from Alutech United, you can feel positive that you have chosen a company that offers far more advantages and benefits than anyone else. From our less obtrusive shutter options that will maintain your customers homes beauty, to all of the many benefits that allow you to enhance your customers quality of life, assisting with their energy savings and protecting their investments from storms, sun and burglary. We hope you will contact us to allow us to further detail all of the many other reasons Alutech is the right choice for you. Contact one of our facilities so we can discuss our products and begin working with you.

Did you know?

We can fully integrate our shutters to work with Crestron or Lutron home automation systems. Let our knowledgeable support staff assist you in either working on a new project or using an existing system.
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